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This is a D&D 4e game centred on characters and events, and creature hunting. The world is entirely homebrew, and is developed as we go along - if you say there's a weapon smith in the city, as long as it's reasonable, there is one. We'll make the most out of our imaginations without limit ourselves. Alternatively, rules are handled by DM, and I'd prefer that situations where DM ruling is needed, is followed, so we may not slow down the game by the rules. We'll discuss them afterwards and apply the results to the next situation, should it come up again.

Roleplaying is emphasised, though there is no such "talk yourself out combats" in every fight. Sure, there are battles you can avoid, but there are also battles you must fight. You are expected to be able to handle diverse situations as a group. That said, I strongly encourage intragroup arguments, as it brings more colours to the game. Characters grow over time, and mistakes will be made. We'll all learn, too.

Characters are to have a reason to sign up for The Wailing Wind's recruits - whether himself/herself is willing or not. You can go as far as a fanboy of the guild and finally waited to the day when you can join, or you can have characters who joined simply because of the income in return, not necessarily caring about the guild's health. On this point, I must say that there will be no Alignments. You are free to act what you want, but only in character. I will not consider you are good or evil and restrain you, but you will take the consequences as well.

All core races exist, and are allowed, into the City of Hawkwing as a proper citizen. All core classes presented in the PHB are allowed as well. Currently, I'm looking forward to test the 4e mechanics, so I will not ban feats for now. In the future, if broken things come up, house rules will be enforced to handle them.

I do not need a long-winded backstory and a

or one parent, or none, for that matter.
I-was-raised-by-two-parents tale. They bore me sincerely. When you apply, please supplement me a
at the very least, two paragraphs in length
character description, and his/her personality. I'd prefer the personality told through a few "RP-sample posts", as maybe an excerpt of that character in text form, acting and talking to someone else, but paragraphs describing the personality is also finely taken.

Since 4e is relatively new, I do not expect everyone is the expert of the law. I'm not one either. So, you don't have to make a character sheet yet, but if you must, follow this:

- Standard character creation; 22 point buy described in the PHB 4e.
- All characters are level 2. You are considered somewhat experienced to a certain level. You will all start with
510gp, but the 10 gp is subtracted upon game start. 500gp is simplest.
500gp, so use them wisely. Do not purchase more than one magic item to start.
- Your character cannot be a serial-killer or a maniac that joins to annoy people. Silliness is okay, but stupidity is not allowed.

When you're done, please also remember to join the game from the game profile.
Attn: New Recruits Wanted
See Tiga on the 2nd Floor

'Lo the Citizens of Hawkwing!

The Wailing Wind is happy to announce our yearly recruit season. Come and live a life of secret-unfolding, and tell the tales of your adventures at night. We are a group of professional adventurers who have gathered up to look out for each other, and support each other for the better good.

The trial for positions contains a test of the very job you are applying for. If you wish to join us as a bounty-hunter, you will be assigned to a similar mission, and, in order to quality, you must complete the mission and claim the position that might be rightfully yours. Apprentices are also encouraged to apply, as we provide martial arts training and literature study hours.

Bring ten pieces of gold and a smile on your face. Come forth and live your life up to the most!

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