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This is a campaign based on the eight 3.0 adventures published by WOTC updated to the 3.5 rules. The setting is Greyhawk. If you never had the chance to play these, here it is.

We will use the core rules from the RSRD (no psionics or variants) to keep it simple but I will inject specific elements from other sources. PC's will be able to gain these items and abilities only through adventuring.

The adventures are designed to take a group of four beginning characters all the way through 20th level. Since our group will likely have five or six members I'll be adding additional open source and home brew content, as well as adjusting some encounters in the main adventures to make up the difference.This is classic D&D with a mix of combat, traps, puzzles, and role play. The characters meet by chance and immediately have the opportunity for adventure.

Core Party Roles:
I'd like to have each of the core roles filled in the group. These adventures are very diverse and use all of the rules so it is important to have everything covered. The core roles are:

Martial This character handles things with physical force. Fighters, barbarians, monks, paladins, and 2 weapon rangers could fill this role. A paladin may also take on the role of speaker for the party.
Arcane This character tends to use his mind to overcome obstacles and is the group's point of reference for all things metaphysical. Wizards and sorcerors are the obvious choice here.
Divine This character has several roles - healer, protector, reference on divine matters, and secondary melee fighter. He or she might also function as the primary speaker for the group. A cleric is usually the best choice, though a druid may work too.
Stealth This character does the things no other character can do. Finding and disabling traps, opening locked items, and striking surprise blows are all within the realm of responsibility. Ranged attacks are usually a feature that fits in well. Rogues are the only class that can fill this role well.

Additional Roles:
Two additional roles are available:

A secondary martial character is a good addition. One that specializes in either a reach weapon or a ranged weapon is best. If this character can add some knowledge (nature) it is ideal. This could be an archer type ranger, a druid, or a barbarian.
A character with a variety of high knowledge skills is also a good addition. This campaign features many knowledge checks as a story vehicle. A bard works best here and can supplement some of the divine and arcane roles as well.

Characters will be able to multi class beginning at second level. All RSRD prestige classes are open if you qualify. I may add other prestige classes from other sources as the campaign progresses.

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