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DnD 4th edition, homebrew setting with 4-5 players. Ideally, it will be a good blend of combat encounters, skill encounters and general roleplaying. If the first chapter is successful, the storyline will continue. Advertisement Thread including character creation rules.Oel was once a fine kingdom. I do not say poor nor do I say great. It was fine. The poor were poor, but they had enough and the rich left them alone, besides buying crops from them. The poor of Oel had enough money to survive and make a meager, content living. No one was particular morbid or discontent. There was no plague of politics on our land, and the royal line flowed perfectly fine on its own. No one complained or challenged their right to rule. Until he approached. He, who made a pact with the devils, the fey and the shadows, thought himself a better ruler. He slaughtered the rulering family and took the crown for himself. Through the great, stone wall, he isolated Oel from all other nations. And then, the life began to bleed away. He had sacrificed much of the natural energy of Oel in order to gain his otherworldly powers. The sky turned grey, but not cloudy. The earth became bleak and desolate. I fear soon, even the creatures and people will turn just as pale. Please, restore the flow and make this the fine nation it once was.

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