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You get the joy of playing an evil char in the FR setting, and i get the once in a life time chance to be a good guy as the dm, there is only one house rule to this game......HAVE FUN and show the world how truley demented you are.A knife in the back of the gorry mess is just another day at work for you, or is it fun?? I always forget in these situations but its not that important, all that matters is how you handle the stress of taking out your dark plans on the fair folk of the reams, how your allies react and when is the best time to open their throats, when they sleep or when they are engaged in battle with another one of your "freinds"? Dose it matter?? Not really someone has to rule right..........why cant it be you??
Keep your freinds closer and your enemies closer, but what happens when you dont have any freinds. I'll tell you what happens you get to kill everyone. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;P

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