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This game is along the vein of Strikeforce: Morituri, where character gain powers in exchange for shortened lifespans in order to defend Earth from unknown threats.
We'll be going with a kind of Iron Age feel, using 2nd Edition Mutants aNd Masterminds, starting anywhere from PL 6 to PL 8. All characters will start as products of the Millennium Process and will be new to their powers.
Mortality rate may be high- due to lethality of the setting and the downside of the Process itself.Have I been write to follow the words of Madame Vivian Hope?, wonders the man who now goes only by the name Egil. He had saved her, used his impressive financial might to pay for her treatments, all after she had spoke those words. Was she scamming him? He felt not, be he realized to that he had fallen in love with her- or at least with the idea of her.

Our world will die, from out of the oceans will crawl ancient evils, the sky will rain destruction from otherworldly vessels, and the mind of Man will be turned upon itself., she had spoken the first time. Those words had made her a joke- but they stirred something within Egil.

For her Egil had dug out an old Cold-War villain, a scapegoat no doubt that had bore the burden of so many inhuman, genetic tests. Carter wasn't easy to find- nor was he easy to convince. Even now the aging man shows signs of quitting. I have rekindled the self-loathing that he has been running from all these years. I have put him back to the dark task that his soul despises. Is it all for nothing- have I damned myself and this man on some childish Hope?

The phone rang, and slowly the man went to answer it. Perhaps the worries of this modern age would help repress this guilt.
"Egil, it's me, Vivian. Tell Anthony ta get'em ready- Hell's a come'n."

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