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This is a game of D&D 3.5e, conducted in Vahnilore, a partially-complete campaign setting by Lordhenry4000. Much of this campaign will itself become canon in the final edition of said campaign setting. The campaign itself will be a tale told in four large "chapters." We open with Chapter 1: Dawn of the Dragon.The year is 1124 S4, as reckoned by the most widespread system in use on Kasshairn, counting the years in the intervals between appearances of the Ancestor in physical form on Vahnilore.

The dominant force on the continent of Kasshairn is the Zou Empire. The holdings of the Empress of Zou stretch from the western borders of the Outer Wastes to the distant Zuran Provinces in the far East, on the opposite side of the continent. The Empress has rapidly expanded her influence through means military and diplomatic, and oversees her Empire from the capital at Fojung. After entering an uneasy truce with the druids of Raohn Valley, her forces have begun aggressive expansion into the Goblin lands of Orvull, reportedly without even a hint of her usual diplomacy.

Strikes begins his tale in Fort Rothinagh, on the northern borders of Raohn Valley. The garrison has been hard-pressed in recent weeks by heavy, disorganized Goblin raids as the Zou threat shatters clan alliances and the normally-predictable patterns of Goblin attack become arbitrary and vicious all along the border.

Orga begins her tale on the outskirts of the little town of Silverspout City in the north-central Varsha Zou. While Silverspout is simply a quaint little town, Orga wants desperately to get away.

Krug begins his tale in the Goblin tribe of Woodfang, located in midwestern Orvull. Low on food because of the recent dry spell, the Woodfang tribe is preparing for a raid on the neighboring Killhag tribe.

Chasing Lion begins his tale as he leaves the Order that raised him in the ways of Enokaras, to travel to Lake Aule and beyond. Aul Forest is somewhat precariously positioned, right now, between the expansive Zou Empire and the Empress' current prey--the Goblin lands of Orvull.

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