Chronicle: The Chromatic Knightly Order

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 6 '08
  • Last Post May 23 '10 at 8:06pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

The Cradle of life, is now all but legend passed down from generation to generation. Separated by the Maelstrom, humanity clusters into tiny bubbles of safety and are pushed to the brink of extinction. For hundreds of years they live as scavenger of the land, tormented by the horrors of the Maelstrom, barely capable of advancing their culture or their teachings. Finally, with humanity at the brink of anarchy and self destruction, the maelstrom reseeds and the lands open to development. This was The First Dawn and from it arose a leader who set out to recover his lost brothers and sisters to reunite the tribes of humanity. Forty years has passed since that day and slowly but surly, humanity regains its claim to the Lands of Iden band together against the hoards and horrors that await them in the wild.

To act as the guardians of salvation a new order was formed under the leadership of Emperor Sier Akaras. For each of humanities struggles he devised a special rank of Knights to protect those needs. The Red: Guardians of the strongholds of humanity, Protectors against the horrors. The Blue: Enlightened educators who seek to understand science so they can intemperate it for the advancement of human civilization. The Green: Guardians of the wild, scouts and rangers who are the first line of defense against all new enemies as well as the explorers and founders of all new settlements. The White: who hold humanities faith and keep them guided on The Righteous path. The Gray: who are the arbitrators of law and philosophy set to maintain balance and order amongst the Knights and their people. And Finally The Black: A blasted few who where one criminals and scoundrels who have given their life in penitence as humanities champions.

As humanity ventures out into the wild You are the torch barer against the darkness, the protector of your species for is you do not succeed, Humanity will surly fall into extinction.

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