The Great Gulf of Vasilidus

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“When the world reaches the creaking iron gate of the next age, I can only hope that it takes a crucial moment to look upon what waits in store beyond it before taking the first fateful, irreversible step through.”

~The Grand Sage Dominic Koiske of Ilidar

That the dawn of a new age approaches none can deny, as the first rays of light have already begun to color the horizon of history. The powerful and prosperous Corrinthian Empire stretches across the coast of the Aleran Sea, consuming all before it like a great leviathan to form what could quite possibly become the largest and mightiest human empire that ever existed.

And now, this imperial titan looks to the northern frontier, setting her sights upon the wild lands of Berevar. This vast, feral wilderness could become a prized jewel of the Corrinthians, offering nearly limitless supplies of lumber and raw materials; the ruling council will do anything to possess it. The multitude or savage tribes and clans, brigands, and warlords that dominate the untamed north will do anything to ensure that their wild lands are never tamed.

Even as the Corrinthian Empire moves, her rivals silently wait for the moment to act. They realize that should the Empire continue to expand unchecked, there would soon be nothing left to oppose her.

Amid the intrigue of rulers, the sailing of fleets, and the marching of armies, yet another class of individuals has arrived in the ill-fated lands of Berevar. These legions of adventurers, treasure hunters, explorers, and heroes come to not only forge their own destinies, but to weave their own parts, large or small, into the tapestry of history and as the realm marches steadily to the next era of civilization to the beat of war drums.

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