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The original company of 7 has been whittled down and brought back up twice, having been recruited by Moradin Mroranon to locate and excavate an ancient giant burial site in the jungles of Xen'Drik. During their trip over, the boat and its crew were attacked by a group of sahaugin.

While staying at the inn paid for by Moradin - the Wavecrest - the party was ambushed by a band of changeling rogues known to work for The Bridge, disguised as employees of the inn. They killed a member of their party, apparently without the authority of their leader, The Lady Violet Starfall.

During their travels into the jungle, they found a statue of an old warrior and a magical tome that discusses something known as The Circle of Eight. Adding Meji and Billiam to their crew, they returned home to report their findings to Moradin.

Deciding that they would need a Paladin of some pedigree to see to the statue, they set off looking for the city's captain of the guard, a known drunk named Heironeous. While on the trail to finding Heironeous, the party crossed paths with The Bridge yet again, who kidnapped Billiam, Verl, and a drow associate of theirs named Ollie d'Marus.

After rescuing their friends - and the real ex-paladin Heironeous - and discovering a web of lies with Lady Starfall, the party returned to the Wavecrest to decide their continued employment with Moradin.

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