Big H: The Safest Place on Earth

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  • Created Nov 1 '08
  • Last Post Feb 8 '11 at 1:18pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

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Zombies have taken over, the end seems near except for those at the Big "H" facility...

You all are inhabitants of different types to the facility, a guard, inmate, or one of the folks in between and whether or not you just arrived three days ago or three months ago but what remains a constant is that all of you belong to the groups of brave men and women who make periodical raids into what was once society. You've all encountered the zombies before and as of yet have not been one of the unfortunates who have turned. What has been found out through observation is that only bites seem to infect people as well as over exposure to infected blood through open mucus sources such as the eyes and inside of the nose but simple clawing is not enough. Also, in very rare cases(only three have been noted at the facility) there are some who do not become infected for whatever reason but of course the victims of zombie attacks often take enough punishment to just kill them.

Everyone has been preparing for the up and coming raid into Portland Oregon for fuel containers and supplies along with the hopes that they will find more survivors or at least weapons to continue their stockpile. Prisoners next to CO's and civilians all arming up, special religious services are held and all in all everyone is getting ready for one of the more dangerous runs as the bigger the city the more of everything it contains including zombies.

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