A Bellyful of Crooks

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 30 '08
  • Last Post Sep 21 '09 at 10:42am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

We are playing Star Wars SAGA and you will be controlling a small underworld faction as well as your character

The game will be played on two levels with strategic decisions for your factions prompting direct action by your character.
You will have some very minor Force talents (only) that have enabled you to rise to a position of relative wealth and modest power.

The game is set just two years after Order 66 and during the Purge, with the Jedi eradicated or fled and in hiding.
With the greatest trained force users dead or being hunted down, those who have some sensitivity have felt the tremors far and wide, they now fear that they may be next.

Opportunity abounds for criminal and business talents, and enterprising individuals gather together to profit from the partisan wars.

This storytelling style game (focussing on Narrativism with elements of Gamism, probably less reliance on Simulationism) will give you a structured environment to work together and explore your talents.
You play your character from a first person point of view with your faction's resources behind the scenes, deployed however you choose to assign them.

You can take a sandbox approach based on the events of the story, building your relationships and your empires however you choose.Everythings been up in the air since the Senate was disbanded.

Lucrative trade routes neglected, ancient family merchant houses gone to ruin, centuries old trade agreements gathering dust. Even the galaxy's canteenas began to fall silent as deliveries of off-world commodities ceased.
The new emerging Empire used military power to keep essentials moving: to keep the factories running and the ores flowing in order that the Emperor's might would keep expanding. The military machine begat itself.

Yet enterprise found its way, and squeezing through the gaps of credentials, licenses and security arrangements the criminal minds began to work in the new order.

You are one such mind. You have chosen your sphere of influence, commodities, regions and contacts, and you have chosen wisely. For unknown to the simple thiugs, thieves and low-lives that compete with you for credits, you have an extra trick up your sleeve...

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