The Hunt for Yikyik the Sly

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This is a simple introductory adventure to help y'all learn the basics of D&D 3.5. In short, your job is to chase down Yikyik the Sly and capture him. "Adventure" is what happens along the way. I intend to place emphasis on how the mechanics and roleplay tie together, with a bit of superfluous combat near thee beginning just to help y'all get a feel for how combat goes.A prankster of a kobold with mysteriously powerful magic has attacked your humble peasant village and caused untold mischief, from making the well flow with ale to turning half of Farmer Amos' crop into rats (which proceeded to eat the other half).

With winter looming, the village could be in a dire straight if it can't manage to come up with the coin to buy more food, and they need every hand they can get, but revenge is still on their minds. They call together a young, talented band to hunt down Yikyik the Sly and put a stop to his antics.

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