Jewel of Truth

Game Description

Verdeth is a small secluded island only a few miles from the mainland. The island was originally settled by elves, and continues to be know by the name that they gave it. Now though, the island is populated mostly by humans, halflings, and dwarves. The halflings and humans dominate the lowlands, while the dwarves keep mostly to themselves in their mines deep in the Azlarfyn range. The islanders lived isolated from the mainland due to the fierce storms that plagued the ocean surrounding them. Though Verdeth had been blessed with peace for over 100 years, it is facing a bit of an upheavil right now, due to a tiny little problem...

There is a gem known as the Jewel of Truth, that is rumored to have mystical powers, though no one knows exactly what it does. According to legend, just over 100 years ago, a gnome woman and her band of explorers found this gem hidden deep in the Azlarfyn Mountains. She brought it back to the city of Magada, settled there, and the whole island has experienced an extraordinary peace ever since. Or, at least it did, until the jewel was stolen. Now the once quiet cities are wracked with riots and crime, while the forests and surrounding hills have become full of bandits and dire animals. Magistrate Kāmn, fearing for the welfare of the island, dared to send emissaries to the mainland in search of advernturers to help in a quest to retrieve the gem.An rare gem has been stolen, and is hiding somewhere on the island. There will be a bit of fighting, but also a few puzzles. Things aren't always what they appear, and not every problem can be solved by killing everything in sight.

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