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An Introduction
Edgewater, the mightiest port city in the kingdom, is the hub through which all commerce passes from the lands across the Sapphire Sea. Merchants from all across the world flock to strike it rich in the thriving marketplace.

Edgewater holds another, perhaps even more potent draw than the combined wealth of the kingdoms of men, elves, and dwarves. South of the city lies the Via Draconis, the road leading into the Greyspire Mountains, where the entrance to the serpent kingdom can be found. There, beneath the rocky peaks, one can find a vast civilization of dragonkind, and with them all their amassed wealth. And it is this road that lures adventurers from the four corners of the world, all to seek fame and fortune. Few return, but those who do speak of untold riches for those strong enough to take them by force.

The Adventurer's Guild in Edgewater, by its proximity to the Via Draconis, is a sprawling fortress--half to house the many stalwarts who try their luck on the Via Draconis, and the other half to house the wealth of those whose luck has not yet run out. There you find yourself, in one of the three taverns the complex boasts, around a long wooden table with many other treasure-seekers. Certainly, you will be able to find companions here to join you on your own quest to become a rich dragon-slayer.

Game Type and Setting
This is a home-brewed D&D 3.5 setting with a limited world and unlimited dungeon. The game will focus on action with some role-playing. No politics or complex puzzles are expected.

Game Master(s)

Game Explanation
Think old-school, red box type games where it's a day's hike from town to the adventure site, and there's always a dragon at the end of the dungeon. In this case, there are LOTS of dragons ;)

Application Process
Create a character sheet and post a link here. I will review and accept applicants as they appear. I don't have an arbitrary limit on the number of characters, though I expect that there may be 1-3 subgroups depending on interest.

Character Creation
Spellcasting characters start at XL5; all others start at XL4. 32-point buy or 4d6v1 are acceptable for stat generation. Hit points are maximum for all levels. Starting gold is 4000; you may purchase any items (including magic items) from the SRD, but I reserve the right to approve wondrous items.

Acceptable Source Material
Core 3.5 SRD (I use; no psionicists, please :) I will accept variants or prestige classes on a case basis, with open gaming content preferred.

Any additional information or requirements
Be creative in creating your dragon-slayer, but don't min-max. You will have more fun blending with the team than becoming a one-adventurer killing machine.

As far as posting frequency goes, I am almost always able to post daily. When exploring, the pace will be set by the posting frequency of the group leader. During combat, I will allow each person two days to post or be NPCed.

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