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Game Information
  • Created Oct 28 '08
  • Last Post Apr 22 '16 at 9:55pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System 7th Sea

Game Description

Swashbuckling, sorcery, piracy, adventure, diplomacy, intrigue, archaeology and exploration... Theah is a land of musketeers, buccaneers, privateers, ancient sorcery, lost civilisations, priests, thieves, scholars, swordsmen, tradesmen, noblemen, soldiers, sailors...

In the year of 1668, Theah is a land of restless nations. Castille wars with Montaigne for land, while Vendel and Vodacce vie for trade dominance. Eisen is still licking its wounds from a religious war and the Ussurans are a people unto themselves, with the Vestenmannavnjar struggling to throw off the shackles of the Vendel and Avalon watches on and guards her shores.

Drawn away from their homelands, or fleeing unwanted attention, the you have found yourself in the trade port of Altamira, mixing and mingling with folk from all nations and all walks of life, and as you find a cosy in to settle down in for the winter festivities to celebrate the new year, there comes a call for help. A young boy brings word that unruly thugs have attacked the home of the innkeeper's brother and that they intend to return to complete their task.

Like any hero when the call for aid reaches your ears, you gladly pick up your sword and head off in the pursuit of honour, glory and defend the innocent from those who would make prey of simple farmers.

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