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  • Created Nov 11 '08
  • Last Post Mar 20 '09 at 12:39am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

In the early months of 2009 Kim Jong-Il, the sole dictator and leader of North Korea has passed away from ailments that have plagued him for over 6 months. Immediate in-fighting begins from various factions within the family and military leadership to wrestle who will be the new dominate power in North Korea's Communistic system.

South Korea fearing the worst becomes anxious and sends light operative units into short range areas of North Korea to ascertain the situation at hand. The situation quickly deteriorates and goes into free fall, with heavy hand reaction from the North.

US Intelligence and Special Ops units are quickly pulled into the mix to try and balance the situation, or to minimize the damage. Everything is on the fence at this point... with the possibility of an all out second Korean War on the verge.

The likely scenario is for a South Korean victory supported by US military action. However the fear is how much damage the North can serve up before their ability to strike has been neutralized.

Also Russia is posturing to reignite old battles not seen since the Cold War, as they conflict with US intentions to become active on the Korean peninsula.

The situation becomes even more delicate as Japan presents another hostile aggressor to North Korea. In a statement of solidarity with their communist brothers, China threatens direct action against any Japanese intentions to insert themselves into the conflict.

Asia finds itself teetering on the edge of disasterous consequences.The warning order came down to the team at Fort Bragg via Detachment Commander Mike Zimmer. He advised the the 12 man unit of Fastball Three Nine One in one of their ready rooms... "Guys we'll be deploying to South Korea in 7 days. Sensitive information has been filtering down through our assests both in the South and from within North Korea itself. Intelligence has determined they need a direct team in there to get closer reports on activities they deem alarming and dangerous to global security. Our mission specifics will be included in the upcoming Operations Order... you will prepare all of your equipment and GMV's on palettes for a ride on C-17 out of here that will get you out to Osan Air Base which is 48 miles south of the Korean DMZ. We should have a tail number from the air force in the next day, so we'll be sure this is the real deal. Please make sure you have all personal documents finalized before we leave base... you will receive your next briefing from me when we arrive at Osan."

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