Divine Hunters

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This campaign will will be based on BoED and BoVD

Accepted sources:

all complete
tome of magic

non evil spells, feats, and classes only
libris mortis
See libris mortis
fiendish codex
Spell compentium
Any core
Homebrew by aproval only


Character's must follow a code of
Mercy, forgiveness, Bringing hope, redeeming evil. I'll explain what I feel each aspect covers later.
exalted behavior

Other than that all classes and races are fair game. I'm looking for creative people whom can post several times a day when needed, but once a day is acceptable.Within the shadows hides evil that most dare not uncover. Beyond the scemes of the more public evils lay darker evils that only the most stalwart adventurers buckle under.

Such evil must be faced with a resolve met by the purest of champions. These champions aren't after the wealth and fame that adventurers are.

These heroes whom are closer to their gods than any cleric or favored soul could be fight for the cause of good against the forces of evil that lurk just beyond the shadowy door, enemies that lie in the realms cruelty unbound.

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