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  • Created May 30 '18
  • Last Post Yesterday at 2:39pm
  • Status Running
  • System World of Darkness

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It has been seven years...

... and everyone knows about the supernatural.

Since The Bleed happened about seven years ago, things have not been the same. All over the world, passages opened between our world and a nightmarish mirror reality; one where monsters actually lurk in the shadows, between the trees, and under our children's beds. How it actually happened is uncertain, but a joint effort from the governments of the world managed to close the passages and official agencies have more or less control over where these passages are inside their jurisdiction. However, leaks are constantly happening.

In America, the Department of Shadow Defense is the agency charged with cleaning up and keeping the population safe. This is where you come in. Usually, DSD analysts map the problem and assign crews to do their part. The characters' job is to clean up - kill, capture, or destroy - the creatures in question.

Characters work as a low-level cleaner crew out of a DSD facility in Bangor, Maine. Their particular crew have the means, skills, and resources to deal with creatures who can be physically damaged or destroyed without the need for ritual or ethereal power.

Formal informationThis is a near-near-future game set in an augmented reality USA using the NWoD system. Please note that I only allow the main Core Rulebook and the Hunter: The Vigil core book. The game is inspired by TV shows such as Fringe, Supernatural, and Stranger Things.

I'm looking for three to six players covering at least one each of the three main character types in the system; Physical, Mental, and Social. As long as I have one of each, any other characters can be whatever. NB! No supernatural beings as characters. No weird abilities.

Use the rules for character creation as they are written in the core book.

Characters must already know each other and have worked together for at least a couple of years when the game starts. However, connected applications are discouraged, because I feel pressured by them to take two even if I only like the one. Instead, leave some spots in your backstory open to connections with other accepted characters after you have been picked.

Equipment will also be handled after I've picked my characters. It's fair game to list any personal items, though.

Even if the game is set in Maine and assumes American characters, any nationality or heritage is okay, as well as originally being from out of state. Perhaps your character moved here to get this steady job? Perhaps they were willing to leave their home country in order to lend their expertise to the Americans? Pitch me a good idea, and I'll bite.

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