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You are a group of heroes for whom the vanquishing of the True Teachers of Lutile-Am (Popularly known as Luttites) and their attempt to gain power over the kingdom by alliance with an imported colony of vicious sahuagin is post facto. On May 12th, 974, Tsar Sarka named the lot of you Protectors of the Realm for your valiant efforts, though he remained largely bedridden from a unique Luttite curse-rot.

On May 28th, 974, Tsar Sarka summoned to his bedside, his face blackened from the rot. In his final proclamation, he named each of you an equal peer in a newly-formed Regency Council, to assume administration over the Empire of Valrar until such a time as an heir comes of age. With that, he faced the east as was tradition, straightened his limbs, and joined the long line of Tsars before him. White-hooded mourners lined the streets ten deep as his bodily vessel was borne to the Temple of the Tranquil Waves to be made ash and interred in the Royal Catacombs. All three of his concubines threw themselves upon the pyre; only five repetitions of the Pious Edicts of 733 of Tsar Filve by His Pontificate Grace Hieron II restrained the Queen Dowager Sanae.

Tsar Malamir, age 9, ascended the throne immediately. He is to be guided until such a time that he has passed the tests of coming of age. These tests are to be prescribed by His Pontificate Grace upon Tsar Malamir's eligibility at the age of 16. Long live Tsar Malamir, may the Gods bless his reign and the realm.10th Century CE, fast attenuation for higher levels (approx 1/3^x, where x is level)

This will not be a hack and slash or high adventure game in the common sense. A large portion of the game will be administering your own lands and the welfare of the Empire (or supervising those who you delegate into doing such things). You may, of course, choose to participate in "dirty work" on your own. Remember that "the point of having an empire is that, sometimes, you have other people do things for you."
Experience gain will be rather slow, expect to stay at roughly the same level and be pleasantly surprised at best if you should level up.

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