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Have you ever wanted to play in a chaotic world with endless possibilities, or even become the paragons for the lore of a new world become gods or even deamon lords?

I bid ye welcome to the world of Aegon. For in this land is a tumultuous chaos Hath struck the land asunder a bitter evil rules the land, will ye join the chaos or will ye destroy that which had wrought destruction through the land for millennia. will ye be gods among men or rulers of the armies of hell itself, will ye rule thy planescape or even the eldritch gods of old, will ye let thee sails curl in the wind or unleash the titans of old?

in this campaign in my fresh world you the players will build up the lore and make many things come to pass. The options are endless. experienced players are preferred but newbies are welcome too, there will be plenty of political and hack and slash in this campaign.

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