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Legends of the Galaxy is a community driven, organized play for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG. Unlike Pathfinder Society and Adventurer's League, there are no rigidly defined seasons or modules that must be purchased by the GM. The GM can run a purchased module, one of the free modules available from the Legends of the Galaxy Adventures download page, or a completely original adventure. All three settings are open for play, and characters are not limited to the core book used for creation. An AoE character can be played at a FoD table and vice versa.

Players run through each adventure just like any other game. The difference is that you don't have to search for an open table or go through an extended application process. The only application requirement is that you submit a character sheet for a GM to review and approve for table play. Once a character is approved, they can join any open adventure, first come, first served. You keep a log of the adventures played and awards received, which would be used to show character progression if you attend a live event near you.

In this league, GM's do get awards that can be added to characters, and they may also play a character on their table (!), with certain stipulations. GM's, of course, are also allowed and encouraged to create characters to play on other tables, as well. GM's are responsible for reporting completed adventures on the Legends of the Galaxy site, but you do get rewards at certain numbers of adventures completed. If you are interested in being a GM, send me a PM to be added to that group.

The idea is to bring the community of FFG Star Wars players together to share in adventures and ideas, just as Pathfinder and D&D Adventurer's League do. You can find more information about Legends of the Galaxy on their website.

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