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  • Created Sep 7 '18
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With the Cicatrix Maledictum tearing a rift across the Imperium of Man the forces of His noble armies find themselves evermore entrenched with numerous enemies beset upon them from every direction. Each of you left your chapter under the impression you would return with prestige and new skills to pass on to your brothers but that now seems like a distant memory. Some of you may even now have come to the realization your Chapter's central base, which once was relatively close, is now entirely cut off by The Rift and prospects of ever returning are low even for the Finest of the Emperor's Finest.

During times of old the Deathwatch were a specialized organization pledged to aid the Ordo Xeno's of His Holy Inquisition deal with the threats Without however even in those times it was no unheard of for them to be caught in conflict with the forces of Chaos. Now, as Chaos has cut a filthy stain across the Imperium, the Deathwatch finds itself fighting chaos almost as often as they find themselves facing Xenos.

However in a Galaxy of entrenched stalemates the Deathwatch has taken up a whole new role: small teams of elite units, capable of acting independently and with fast and undetectable vessels capable of crossing even the most hazardous regions of space to apply their skillset where it is needed. You are a member of one of those teams.

Game RulesWe will be using Kill Team as a base for this game but as opposed to the typical way it is used, 1v1's armies set in a single Mission, each of you will be controlling a single Character and I will be running you through Dungeon type missions.

In order to make it a bit more interesting I will be opening the floor to Warhammer 40k 8th Units from: Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, Space Marines or Space Wolves Codexes. Each player will be able to pick a Kill Team Specialty, will have access to Deathwatch Special Issue Ammo and will also have access to their Chapter's Special Ability.

CP's will be a joint resource for your whole kill team.

Character Creation:
As mentioned above each of you will be able to pick a Unit from Warhammer 40k 8th Edition that you want to play, roughly 50-60 pts, and we will be using the Kill Team rules.

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