Halo: Blood and Ashes

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Game Information
  • Created Dec 9 '08
  • Last Post Apr 6 '10 at 4:14am
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Future

Game Description

The young technician sat looking at the screen in front of him. It was a typical day for him, just checking the sensors for signs of Covenant ships. When he looked at the sensors again he had to do a double take, something had to be wrong. He checked again before he turned to the captian. "Sir, we have a problem with the sensors. This can't be right. We have a huge energy reading but no other signs of ship." The captian frowned. "What do you mean?" The crewman checked the screen again to make sure it was still there. "Well there's just a huge energy just floating in space with no pysical properties." The captain immidiatly assumed the worst. "Fire! It could be a cloaked covenant ship!" The crew responded immedietly and the captian was soon rewarded by sound of a MAC gun. The shell flew though space and hit an invisible object which decloaked and revealed a sort of space station...

-More to come soon-

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