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  • Created Dec 10 '08
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Brothers shall battle and slay brothers.
Sisters' sons shall kinslayers become
Harsh is the world with grave dishonor.

Axe age! Sword age!
Shields shall be shatterd!
Wind age! Wolf age!
Before the breaking of the world!

-Ancient Norse Prophecy

With heavy hearts we head, on towards the end.
I've done all I can, never will I bend.
Battle clad we ride, for we have to try.
Nothing matters,
On the battlefield we stand!

-"Ragnarok" by modern Viking Metal band Tyr

Sit now, and I shall tell thee a story. This is a story about Fate. The Fate of gods and men. The Fate of this world and of others. The Fate of that which is, that which once was, and that which shall be...

Everything mankind knew stood on the edge of oblivion. That which the Norns had spoken could not be undone, and things meant to come to pass could not be further delayed. Gods, demigods, and their ilk dressed themselves for war and gathered what allies they could, knowing in their hearts that victory was not within their grasp. This was the time that their true valor would be tested. This was a time for Heroes...


This is a campaign designed to take characters all the way from Hero up to godhood as they play a part in the looming conflict of Ragnarok- the doom of the gods. Norse elements will be very dominant (40% or more of the campaign,) but Scions of other pantheons are welcomed and almost every pantheon will play some small role in the unfolding story.

(More to come.)

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