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Tell me traveler, do you know of Spellgard, the once grand bastion of ancient Netheril? It stands atop a ridge, east of the cursed Fallen Lands, teetering into the Anauroch desert. Once home to the the sorcerous Lady Saharel, Spellgard fell into ruin along with the land that once cradled it, long ago.

Why should this interest you? Young one, such an attitude will garner you little in this life. - And you call yourself an adventurer! - Ah, fear not, all is forgiven and a good tale is always worthy of an ale is it not? Good lad.

In recent years, pilgrims, adventurers, and explorers, the learned and the foolish alike, have found cause to seek Spellgard. Some claim that that the Lady Saharel still wanders the ruins as a phantom - woe should betide any man who glimpses such countenance without hope to touch it - and has the gift of prophecy and insight. They claim that if you encounter her, and win her favor, she will grant you the answer to any one question that you desire. Think child, you surely have heard that knowledge is the most powerful of possessions.

Believe my tale do you? As well you should; you learn quickly for one with a skull as large as yours.

There is a caravan leaving through the Fallen Lands any day now. Should you survive to see the Monastery on the Precipice, you may well find the answer you seek. When you get there, spare a thought for old Tom in the corner, aye?

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