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Feng Shui 2: Hong Kong Strong

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  • Created Oct 9 '18
  • Last Post Yesterday at 12:31am
  • Status Running
  • System Miscellaneous

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It's 2018. You are just one of millions of people residing in Hong Kong, trying to make your own way however you are able, just like any other man or woman on this rocky ball of mud we call Earth. However, tonight that all changes. You are about to be confronted with a whole new world you never knew existed your entire life, that will change the way you see everything for all time.

There is nothing you can do to avoid this fate and yet, for some of you, this is more of an opportunity than a challenge, to be embraced with both hands rather than kept as far away from your person as possible. After all, in the world of Feng Shui motivations are as varied and diverse as the creatures that inhabit it, and it's that kind of diversity that causes so much good and evil in equal measure in the strange and violent conflict known as the Chi War.

That war, by the way, is one you are going to become intimately familiar with in the near future provided you are capable of enduring the hardships it will put you through and lucky for you, you just happen to be one of the biggest badasses on the planet and more than capable of looking after yourself. To make the odds even more even, you're going to become part of a group of equally-talented people who, regardless of background or motivation, all share the common goal of kicking bad guy butt and looking damn good doing it.

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