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There is only one free city left, for the forces of darkness and evil have won. The Capital city of Castle Caventhal has survived by erecting a barrier around the city. Everyday the underground brings in more and more refugees. The city can not afford to release any able body from combat duty. Several people have received a summons to meet the High Lord Farthel in his chambers.

They have one hope to end this before all is lost. Several key turning points have been pinpointed in the past. These events must be prevented. The characters job is to return to the past and stop these events from occurring. The characters selected are from regions far from any of the events. The higher clerics have fears that if a character was to return and change something of their own past it would be catastrophic.

Characters will be low level since everyone of higher level is needed for defense of the City if the characters should fail. Characters are warned about revealing things of the future since they could actually cause more harm.

Presence Required

You have been requested to join the High Lord Farthel in the throne room. You have been handpicked to perform a very sensitive mission for the High Lord. Please bring all belongings with you for you will be leaving directly after your visit with the High Lord. Details of this Mission will be given once you arrive.

If you have any reasons for not wanting to go on this mission the High Lord asks that you do not appear and that you please destroy this letter and speak to no one of this. Violation of this order will be considered an act Treason against the High Lord himself and you will be released out side the barrier.

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