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The Player Characters are ordinary humans that stumble upon an artifact that allows a group to "Media Travel". Media Traveling takes the users to worlds created in books, comics, movies, television, video games and more.

Powers will come into play, but in a slightly different way than is normal for most Mutants and Masterminds games. The PCs will eventually "adapt" powers unique to the worlds they visit. Want to become a master of The Force? Hang out in the Star Wars universe. Want to live forever and heal your wounds? Take a trip to the Higherlander 'verse. Want to wield incredible magical powers? Visit the Forgotten Realms, consult Dr. Strange, or...This is the world as we know it. Ordinary. Average. Mundane. Real. There may be occasional moments of excitement, and yet...there's always something lacking.

But what if there was more than what we experienced? What if an author's imagination created worlds that exist in other dimensions?

What if it were possible to visit the Kingdom of Guardia?
What if it were possible to walk the windswept plains of Dantooine?
What if it were possible to see Tokyo-3?
What if it were possible to debate with Elminster, spar with King Arthur, romance the Black Cat or stare down Alonzo Harris?

What if? It is possible!

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