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Rescue the Rabbit

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  • Created Oct 23 '18
  • Last Post Nov 26 '18 at 5:59am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

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The Bent Fork Inn is widely considered to be the last safe place to sleep for adventures headed into the Gromlech Uplands. The wide, low ground floor is a dining room constructed from sturdy oak beams and lit by heavy brass chandelier which hang dangerously low over the many round tables. Laughter, songs and stories echo at all hours of the day against the soot blackened timbers and the smells of ale and meat are always on the air.

It was a typical night at the Bent Fork until you saw the stranger come in. The traveler wore a hooded cloak, too fine and too clean by half to belong to the Fork's normal clientele. After a moment of nervously scanning the crowd, the stranger skirted around the crowd, making her way to your booth in the corner. Awkwardly, they stumbled into the both next to you. Under the hood, you saw the face of a young noblewoman, less than twenty summers, with an expression of intense worry drawing deep crevices upon her face.

There is moment of silence where she hovers on the edge of tears then, like a dam bursting, her words spill out in a rush, Please! she begs, You must help me! My beloved Creampuff, he's missing and I don't know where to turn!
The Baron's daughter has lost her rabbit and recruits an adventurer to help her retrieve him. But what at first appears to simply be a quest to rescue a wayward pet quickly spirals into something much more deadly. Deal with sinister fey! Uncover the secrets of a wicked wizard! Recover a shapeshifting artifact! Chase a surprisingly evasive bunny!

DescriptionThis is a relatively short adventure designed to be a self-contained one-shot. It takes place in a mostly unformed world, so feel free to make up any elements you desire for your character. My goal here is to tell a quick, fun story with one to two players as well as to refine it for later reuse.

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