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  • Created Nov 12 '18
  • Last Post Nov 12 '18 at 5:13am
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Falcon's Hallow, the rebirth of Beggars' Hole

In the last Great War, back when our father’s fathers were but children and we were not even dreams. The village of Falcon Haven was established as a small fishing village in a deep water bay. The village is situated on the edge of the Blue Spire Mountains to the east, the Aldiron Forests to the south, and the Evernia Sea to the northwest the world and time passed by the village. Over the years the population has dwindled and the village is in need of repair. The best maintained building is the Red Crow Inn, a hangout for smugglers, pirates, fishermen, woodsmen, and even a few merchants now “lovingly” call the place Beggar’s Hole because everyone passes them by. New life is being breathed into the place.

On his eighteenth birthday, the Prince Abbot Farley Grayson, the eighth son of the king has been sent to the village. Well, more to the point, banished there. It has taken the kings advisors years to find a place suitable With a small galleon loaded with supplies to help them through the first year twenty families, six monks, and fifteen armed guards, and Faley’s elderly personal secretary.

Unlike his father, Farley believes that governance should be by council with the crown as the arbitrator or chairperson.

About the game.
When I was younger I enjoyed reading the Thieves’ World Series, a collection of short stories written about characters living in a coastal city. Shadowspawn was my favorite character. He was an over powerful character in the stories. So the editors band the character. My second favorite character is Lalo the Limner.

What I am picturing for this is a medieval fantasy world with low magic (at this point), Tolkienish races, and lots of possibilities.

What I would like to have in characters:
1) No godling characters. Everybody excels in some things and has limitations.
2) If you want to play an evil character, you can. Please limit the amount of evil towards the PC’s and key NPC’s or a random canon or cross bolt will find your character. If you want to be a pirate and loot other vessels, feel free. But if you do to much or try to get to much booty, King Dad may send a fleet and soldiers in to investigate.
3) Player killing needs to be negotiated. You get a say in what your character does or does not do.

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