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Universe of Falling Stars

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 12 '18
  • Last Post Jun 16 '19 at 3:12pm
  • Status Running
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Humanity has nearly brought itself to Extinction, spread out among the Stars. Technology reached peaks on many different planets. But humanity seems to be cursed among the stars.....once a galaxy where people could claim stars as their own. Humanity's dream, to be among the stars and be as gods, lead to their own downfall. Genetic alteration, nanotechnology, political unrest, warring empires, alien Technologies discovered among dead alien races. For near countless reasons, humanity became spread apart from itself. Pockets of humanity exist in colonies across the stars with little support besides the few intergalactic trade federations.
For now you are a crew of survivors gathered together for mutual survival (and/or other reasons). Surrounded by threats current, as well as from the lost and unknown. Rumors spread at the few free-port's that still exist in space or on planets. Of aliens, pirates, rising or falling empires, bounties to be had, and scavenging.... so many things await those willing to take risks, great rewards could be had.
Through different jump Gates, you find crumbling Empires, dead worlds infested with mutants, robotic monstrosities from a lost time, pirates looking to plunder traders or any other ships they come across, remains of great space battles with abandoned crafts..... Plunder left to the brave. Or even aliens that also exist among the stars, with their own desires and interest that are just as alien to humanity as the crafts they fly or even their appearances.
Nobody ever considered humanity's dreams of walking among the stars, would be their ruin. That humanity never outran their own natures, which divided them on earth. Those Would divide them again, would they ever learn?

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