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Game Information
  • Created Dec 15 '08
  • Last Post Mar 13 '09 at 6:42pm
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

This is a GURPS 4E Action game set in the modern world, dealing with modern real-life problems. The characters will be employees of Executive Actions, Incorporated, officially a private military company Ė and sometimes more accurately called mercenaries. Think Blackwater Worldwide, but more willing to engage in offensive action.

The first missions are going to be taken straight from the headlines Ė Somali pirates, the Second Congo War, Iranís nuclear ambitions Ė while further along Iím planning on an overarching plot that will introduce sci-fi elements, if the players are amenable to it; the sci-fi bits arenít final, and wonít be for months at the earliest.

The Action series of GURPS supplements isnít necessary to play in this game, but they could help in defining the rules and player roles. This game will be relatively cinematic, using several cinematic rules to speed up combat and increase enjoyment. While itís an Action game, Action doesnít mean pure combat. A face man, computer hacker, pilot, mechanic, infiltrator, investigator, or any number of other roles are quite viable Ė so long as you donít forget that this is an Action game and, as such, you should plan on there being combat.Since 1983, Executive Action, Incorporated, a subsidiary of Stromberg Industries, has provided national security, corporate, and law enforcement customers within the US and abroad with professional services, skilled operators, and integrated solutions for defense, training, and paramilitary operations. Our programs are staffed with highly skilled men and women whose professionalism, integrity, and commitment to quality ensure mission accomplishment. EAI's 439 operators come from over thirty special-operations units from two dozen countries, chosen from the best of our applicants. Competent, dedicated, experienced, and versatile, EAI is respected around the globe for delivering quality results under often dangerous and arduous conditions.

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