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This is a 5th Edition game set within Faerun, however it will not be a land-based adventure.

This game will attempt to fuse together a number of different themes into something that I hope will be an exciting and memorable whole. Equal parts pirate adventure mixed with steampunk and elements of the Walking Dead with a sprinkling of Cthulhu and Jurassic Park on top, I intend to delight you inasmuch as I intend to terrify you.

What I am looking for are strong role-players and storytellers who will thrive in a situation like this.

For those of stout heart, the application format and guidelines can be found within the forum, however I will summarise here:

The character creation guidelines are as follows:

  • 27-Point Buy
  • Starting Gold as defined by background
  • Acceptable Sources. PHB+1. The +1 may be from the following list: SCAG, Volo's Guide to Monsters, Elemental Evil Players Companion
  • UA Revised Ranger. This is the only thing I will accept from Unearthed Arcana sources
  • Variant Human is acceptable
  • Starting Level is Level 4
  • Maximum HP at first level, you may either roll or take the class average for remaining levels
  • You may take one magic item of your choice of no greater than Uncommon Rarity.

I am looking for two posts within your application thread. The first post will contain the nuts and bolts of the character as specified above.

For the second post I would like to know more about you as a player. I would like you to answer the following questions:

1) What do you look for in a PbP game?

2) What has attracted you to applying to this particular game?

3) What is your best experience in a PbP game?

4) What is your worst experience in a PbP game?

Finally, as part of your second post, I would like to see three links to IC posts you have made in other games. They do not need to be your best work (and in all honesty I'd rather see a typical post linked here rather than your best effort).

If you do not have three posts to link then a sample IC post using the character you have applied for in this game will be sufficient - please attach this role-play sample to your FIRST post.

I will announce a closing date closer to the time once I gauge potential interest in the game.

The list of sources acceptable to the game is contained within the forum, however I have also listed them here for convenience:
  • PHB
  • SCAG
  • Elemental Evil Player's Companion
  • Volo's Guide to Monsters
  • UA Revised Ranger
  • XGE

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