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The following notice was posted in public spaces in Arabel, Ashabenford, Dagger Falls, Hillsfar, and Shadowdale on or after the 20th of Eleint, 1372 DR.

Wanted: Highly skilled and motivated individuals willing to work together on behalf of Kelemvor, the Lord of the Dead. No fixed pay is offered, but expect rewards commensurate with the undertakings, as well as a fair share of incidental spoils. Interested parties, who should be properly equipped for overland travel, can inquire at the Old Skull Inn in Shadowdale prior to Highharvestide.

DM Notes
Expect a posting cadence of at least once per week, though every 2-4 days will be more likely. The game will be somewhere between a mystery and a traditional hack-n-slash, leaning more towards the grim and gritty and away from more sensational and over-the-top play. There will be a paladin of Kelemvor present early in the adventure. But I do not expect the remaining members of the party to have any affiliation with Kelemvor. Having a ranger in the group (or another class with Tracking) would certainly be helpful. Beyond that, classes and races are open, but players will need to convince me that their character's presence at the Old Skull would make sense and wouldn't cause every person in the building to stop what they're doing and either stare at them or try to kill them.

Character Creation Rules
This is a 3.5e game, set in the Forgotten Realms. All characters begin at level 3 (or lower, if an LA applies). Stats are set by a 30 point buy.

Hit Points
Characters begin at Level 1 with max hit points, then are awarded an alternating median (low-high-low-high...) as levels are gained. For example, a d6 HD character with no Con bonus gets 6hp at L1, then 3hp at L2, 4hp at L3, 3hp at L4, 4hp at L5, and so on. Multiclassing does not affect this (e.g. a character advancing to 4th level gains the "low" value for whatever class they are taking).

Characters speak one language, plus one language per Int bonus point. Characters with an int penalty still speak one language. Additional languages may be gained via skill points. Common and Undercommon do not exist. See for otherwise allowable languages. Chondathan is strongly recommended in place of Common.


  • Characters start with 2,700gp to spend (3rd level, DMG, p135, Table 5-1).
  • Masterwork items provide no benefits, but masterwork costs factor into magic item costs.
  • Free equipment (e.g. from feats in the Player's Guide to Faerun) is not permitted.

  • No races above LA+2 are permitted, since the starting level is 3rd.
  • Traits and flaws are not allowed.
  • Psionic abilities are not allowed. In-game psionics are treated as arcane magic.

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