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Faerun - 1686 DR - City of Myth Drannor, Cormanthor

It's been a year since the Mythal bell rang and your future path set. You did the rounds for two years prior; three months here, three months there, always with other potentials. When The Election came, the four of you were chosen:

-Squire to the Knight Prince himself, Alejandro Cavarubios, defender of Myth Drannor.
-Student of Gannon Matthiason, archmage and advisor to the Knight Prince.
-Acolyte of Gronlim Ograduum, bishop, barkeep and blacksmith.
-Apprentice to Merith Rhistel, master runner and reconnoiter.

You've trained and bled and studied and slept and settled into a routine that should be your life for years, but an unforeseen errand sends your world spiraling. A mysterious encounter unveils a connection between worlds that threatens not only Myth Drannor, but all of Faerun. Will the four be lost in the terror of war, or come together, rise to your potential, and change the course of two worlds?

(Riftwar is very loosely inspired by my favorite fantasy series growing up - The Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist)

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