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Prepare to enter a grim world of bitter heroes and perilous struggles. Listen to lost and damned souls scream in anguished terror as Chaos infects all like a malignant disease from which there is no cure. Watch as the earth, the air, the seas become so suffused with tortuous magics that the very fabric of reality twists, warps, and is irrevocably changed. Come feel cruel loss as bygone sorceries that once kept the world safe are shattered, and the ancient chains they preserved crack under the strain of negligence. And now taste terror as the Ruinous Powers stir in the bowels of their daemonic hells, sensing, finally, that the end is nigh, that the time to feast, to revel, and to slay has come. That the Age of Chaos has begun.

Look now to the Reikland, the mightiest realm of the Empire. It is a land at war, its Noble Houses vying for power and influence as their armies struggle to stem the tide of invading warlords, rampaging Greenskins, mutant Beastmen, and the monstrous creatures that haunt the wild places. Even in at its heart, in its capital of Altdorf, violence rules. There, thieves, street rats, and smugglers slit throats for pennies, mirroring the deeds of their betters on the world stage. For the tide of corruption rises in the hearts of all, filthy and stained, driving even the strong to pursue forbidden lore and profane arts, to sacrifice their brothers and sisters on the altar of their own folly.

Damnation is not a heartbeat away, it has already come.

Yet, amidst this never-ending torrent of misery and desperation, there are those who would stand tall. There are those who dare face the End Times and deny the inevitable entropy. They may not be good, they not be noble, they may not be kind, but they are the only heroes this damned world has. And by their grit, their tenacity, and their sheer bloody-minded determination, the fate of the world is decided. Damnation or salvation? Soon, all will know.

This is a world of unsung heroes and fleeting glory.

This is the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

This is a Fourth Edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying campaign set to introduce players to the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, take them on a tour of Ubersreik and provide them with ties to a (somewhat) powerful benefactor moving forward!

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