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  • Created Feb 6 '19
  • Last Post Feb 20 '19 at 7:05pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dungeon World

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Game Description

The Sector:
Colloquial name for the entire reach of space the game takes place in. As big or as small as narratively necessary

Political systems:
Planetary alliances: Planets grouped for military, economic, and planetary interests. They hold jurisdictions across the sector and range in their beliefs/agendas.

Megacorps: They aren’t all nefarious but they sure all have their own agenda.

The Syndicate: Neutral in the politics and jurisdictions. They are the bounty hunters, reclamations, and acquisition specialists. You place a contract they aim to deliver across jurisdictions and company lines.

The Tech:
Some civilizations rely on magic, some on tech, some on tech that only looks like magic. The main things to keep in mind are: The supernatural exists, warp drives are rare and dangerous, jump gates are common and relatively safe, ancient tech is there, and Things From Beyond lurk in the dark.

Travel is mostly done through mass transit gate stations or massive ships that have a functional warp drive ran by the Megacorps or Planetary alliances.

The Archive: It doesn’t exist, but you work for it now in addition to your own agenda. It’s agenda is to track down and contain dangerous magic and tech so it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Character Creation:
In the “Intake” forum create a thread with your character’s name. In your first post give me one or two sentences on the following:
Your character concept
Your characters personality/description
Who they are beholden to
Another faction in the game
One or two story hooks for your character

After that create a second post with their creation using Uncharted Worlds and Far Beyond Humanity. If you need help with the creation of a character in Uncharted Worlds tell me here and I can give you options for your character that you will update this post with. You can have no experience with the system, but should look up

After that is all done I will decide whether I feel I can work with the character in this shared world. If something seems way off I will talk with you about it and see if we can come to a mutual understanding.

If you are accepted I will start a intro thread for your character to get them into the world and get you into them. When we have 4 accepted PCs you are welcome to continue that story as well as engaging with the team thread.

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