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  • Created Feb 8 '19
  • Last Post Apr 23 '19 at 6:28am
  • Status Running
  • System Pathfinder

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For the last thousand years the living, humans, and elves especially have waged a war against undead, specifically Vampires.
You are or at least were the heroes of the living. Champions from across the lands of Moraath, you and your allies gathered for what was to be your final battle. The last vampires in all of Moraath were cornered in the ancient ruins of Aneth'Tol.

You led the main assault yourselves. Their resistance was quick to fall as you had the rising sun at your backs. You breached their fortifications in a matter of minutes. The Vampires fled before you, drawing you deeper into their ancient sanctum until she appeared.

A woman with skin like alabaster, long silvery white hair, and bright red eyes appeared before you. She wore a black dress that looked like it was once very beautiful but now was now in tatters. At first glance, she appeared to be another one of the fiendish bloodsuckers but when one of the soldiers with you charged the vampire she killed him with a flick of her wrist. The battle was swift and violent. She killed all of the men with you then one by one it seemed that she drained each of you dry.

What happened next you cannot be sure. You saw the last of your companions fall to the powerful she-vampire. The thing that fought and moved like nothing you had seen or heard of before. There were soldiers coming but you heard them scream as you felt the life pass from you. Death was taking you or so you thought.

Your vision is blurred, you see a companion of yours rise to their feet and wander off. You felt a skull-splitting pain and the urge to feed took over. It was uncontrollable. By the gods, you fed on your own men. Those who followed you into battle. Some you had known your whole lives and had followed you into the war. Others were comrades in arms and some were soldiers you never knew but still, you killed them all to satiate your newfound hunger for the blood of the living.

The pain subsided and the hunger was gone for the moment. Things clear and the realization of what you have become sets in, you have become that which you hunted, that which you had endeavored to eradicate. Then a new urge took hold of you. There was something you needed to do. You need to leave Aneth'Tol.

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