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  • Created Feb 17 '19
  • Last Post Jun 8 '19 at 4:25am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Savage Worlds

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The world as you knew it is over. Hell! It has been over for some time now. One year to be exact. Nobody knows what caused people to rise again as walking dead, but everyone still alive can remember the good old days. From what anyone can gather, most of the world population has crossed over to the dead side, forever lost in a frenzy of chaos and feeding.

Gone of the days of worrying about what's for dinner or how to pay the bills. Now, it is all about survival. The wants and needs are now pretty simple: Food, water, shelter, weapons. Granted, that order is different for others, but those are the basics.

And surprisingly, survival has become easy for some, with the routines of everyday survival becoming natural. But, there has been talk, rumors are spreading. Nothing has been verified yet, but reports indicate that the zombies are changing. Not all of them. In fact, pretty much all zombies are still acting like... well, zombies. But it is said that some are becoming smarter, organized, and even equipped. Could the rumors be true?

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