Of Queen Shadow

Game Description

With a whisper, the two most powerful realms go to war. The Queen of Solhas has need of champions to discover a ancient artifact in a lost city before the Empire of Yeth does the same.

Dark agents of Yeth have infiltrated the capitol of Solhas and are sowing seeds of discontent. So a gifted and powerful patron of the shadow gathers his own group of champions to search out the dark agents and send them to their grave.

A war wages on three fronts, the border between the two kingdoms, a shadow war in the underworld and in a distant and forgotten realm.It started as a whisper. "The Key to Ivaraebraas is found."

A single sentence spoken at an inopportune time. A concerned challenge followed with placating excuses on its heels. A disagreement erupts and anger flares. Insults fly and weapons drawn.

Ten years of careful negotiations suddenly crumbled. All trade between the kingdoms of Solhas and Yeth cease and the precarious treaty between the neighboring realms falls. Armored warriors and magic-wielding wizards now race to defend the border between the two kingdoms. Other nations quickly claim their role in an apparently inevitable war, striking bargains, making alliances or claiming neutrality.

The seat of a once great empire, Ivaraebraas, has been found and its secrets are now laid bare. Beyond the vast savannas of Khoravesh and into the mountainous region known as Whervrym, the ancient city rests untouched for hundreds of years. The militant might of Ivaraebraas was legendary. No kingdom escaped its oppressive grasp. It held sway over the entire known world until one day the world woke and it was no more. Not a single soldier, magister nor merchant from the great city of Ivaraebraas could be found.

Several hundred years pass and its evil grip is no longer remembered. No statue stands in remembrance and no historian pays it any heed. Just nighttime tales to scare the children or enhance a bard's tale.

Now, while the taverns gossip about the cause and those responsible, the queen of Solhas seeks champions. She has need for those able to conquer the unknown. Her advisors spread through the countryside speaking with those they know worthy and following word of mouth to those that possess the power to aid the Queen. The advisors' quest is simple. However the challenge set before those chosen will try all their might and skill; seek the fabled Eye of Vhalgroth at the heart of Ivaraebraas.

However the shadows of Solhas do not lie still. Agents of Yeth find fertile fields to sow the seeds of lies and discontent within the walled capitol of Aethenbrae. Not only only do they seek unrest, they hope to discover an old magic in the hidden history of Solhas and awaken a long forgotten curse. Unknown to the kingdom's royalty and its many ministers, an unlikely hero searches for his own saviors, champions cut from a different cloth.

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