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Mass Effect: Keep the Relays Spinning

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  • Created Jun 12 '19
  • Last Post Today at 12:01am
  • Status Running
  • System Starfinder

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The Reapers are dead, destroyed by a blast from the Crucible empowered Citadel floating in orbit above the human homeworld of Earth, yet at the cost of the entire network of mass relays that had previously united star systems that were lifetimes apart, with these massive enablers of faster than light travel left heavily damaged and in desperate need of repair.

Thankfully, the completed repairs to the Sol relay revealed that it was still capable of connecting to the other damaged relays in its section of the network, which lead to the theory that teams could be sent from relay to relay, repairing all those down the line so that galactic society could begin its own restoration.

This is the story of one of these repair crews, who've said farewell to their comrades in the Sol system to brave the uncertainty of star systems left burning by the Reaper invasion and of what threats may still linger. They'll need all the help they can get, so will you join them?


This is a Starfinder campaign set after the events of Mass Effect 3 if the Destroy ending was chosen and focuses on war weary veterans venturing out to reconnect with those systems cut off by the damage from the Crucible. In doing so, they're likely to come across jaded survivors, opportunistic pirates and beasts whose numbers are swelling thanks to all the corpses laying around.

Characters will start at level 5, can only choose from Humans or one of the homebrewed Mass Effect races supplied in this game's subforum and will start with 10,000 credits.

Equipment will be chosen as normal, with a default maximum item level of 7 unless you seek approval for higher tier gear that bolsters your character concept.

Ability scores will be handled as follows
1) Start with 10 in all ability scores
2) Apply racial ability modifiers
3) Optionally, reassign up to 5 points between abilities, to a minimum score of 5 and a maximum score of 18
4) Apply 10 points of increases as per usual
5) Increase ability scores at level 5 as per usual

Posting Requirements: I'm going to ask for roughly one post every three days, with characters who miss a reply being skipped and their actions being automated by me, although this won't usually involve me speaking on their behalf unless another character is waiting on their response.

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