Star Wars: In Sunstriders Footsteps

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  • Created Jan 9 '09
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The intertwining S's interposed in front of a bloodred starburst. The most feared insignia in the Galaxy for nearly half a century. It is still viewed with awe and trepidation. It belonged to the notorious Nath Sunstrider, the most succesful pirate to have ever lived. He was never caught nor killed.

The mere sight of The Crimson Sun, or any ship carrying that insignia, was enough to send even the most seasoned mercenary into hysterics. The ship would swoop in, seemingly out of nowhere, disable all of a ship's systems, kill any resistance, and make off with anything of value on the ships, usually leaving behind an empty husk that had even been stripped of most of its metal. Leaving dead corpses of men and ships in its wake, it would vanish without a trace. Nath Sunstrider was the scourge of nobles, Crime Lords, and even Jedi. None escaped his greedy clutches.

One day, the raids just...stopped. He was never seen again. It has been one hundred years since the last victim was claimed. Rumors persist to this day of a priceless stash of credits, weaponry and artifacts. It is still unknown what kind of technology/techniques Sunstrider employed to make him so overwhelmingly successful, but rumors always abounded.

"The Dark Side was his father," some old men whisper confidingly to any willing to listen. "My great grandfather was employed on his ship."

"He was a living embodiment of the Force," still others claim. "My grandfather was a Jedi. He knew."

"He was a Crime Lord," some assert confidently. "My grandfather was a contact of his. That's how he knew all the hyperspace routes and when ships would be traveling them."

"I heard he was some high-ranking nobelman, who lived on Coruscant, hiding in plain sight," many say, wishing they really knew the truth.

"He was a Vong," still others declare. Their guess is good as any other.

For the longest time, it was thought that the mystery of Nath Sunstrider would remain just that, a mystery. Even to the Jedi.

Until recently. A salvaging operation found deep in Outer Rim space came across an extremely old, rusted ship bearing Sunstriders insignia. Initially, the discovery lead to excitement. It quickly gave way to disappointment, as the ship was discovered to have been part of Nath's fleet, but not his flagship, the aforementioned Crimson Sun. All of the ships memory banks were wiped clean. There were no records of where it had been or where it was headed.

Disappointment then turned into Galaxy-wide interest as a few discoveries were made aboard the ship. First was a battalion of Combat Droids of a design never before seen. All were deactivated. All attempts to activate or disassemble them met with explosive failure. Literally. It seemed that each droid was fitted with a very impressive self-destruct system. Tampering of any kind led to a large explosion. So the droids were put in storage on Coruscant. A few scattered credits were found. Of interest to the Jedi were the few holocrons and lightsabers scattered around the ship.

Last, but not least, was some kind of artifact that was given over to top researchers on Coruscant. An Ithorian scientist discovered that the artifact was, in fact, a map. Or at least, a piece of one It gave co-ordinates that happened to be located right in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Upon interacting with an out-of-the way device thought long-since disabled, new co-ordinates were downloaded to the device. It gave Wild Space An advance party was sent to the planet, and wasn't heard back from.

So now, a Galaxy wide call has been put out by a joint venture among various Corporations, the Galactic Alliance, Jedi, and various scholars and nobles. A fleet of mixed-bag ships and its crew must be put together to discover the meanings behind these coordinates...

Sorry this turned out so long. I'm not overly familiar with EU Star Wars stuff, but I've always wanted to run a Star Wars campaign, so I'm running one far disconnected with any current or past cannonical storylines. People with familiar last names show up, but that will be mainly fan service (or will it? *dr. evil pose*)

Starting Level: 8th

Starting Wealth: Standard for 8th level

Allowable Races: Any from the books or No other sources.

Recruitment open: For awhile. I'm thinking a week or two, but no date is set in stone, unless this starts to look like the Epic campaign I'm currently recruiting for, in which case recruitment won't last nearly as long.

Allowable Classes: Any class from the Saga books will be allowed. I'm not looking for any specific group build. If you'd like to all be Jedi, feel free. I'm starting at level 8 so that any fledgling Jedi Knights can be out on their own, without their Master's guidance. Or the group may consist of no Jedi. Multiclassing rules/penalties apply.

Stats: Either 36 point buy (32 if you want to be a droid. You only have five stats, remember.) or roll. 4d6, drop lowest rerolls ones. Roll six times for organics, five for droids.

Hit points: Max first level. Every level after either take half your hit dice or risk rolling. Whatever you roll you keep.

Rolling is to be done in the rolling thread of the game thread. Link will be up for that shortly.Star Wars run by a dude that doesn't keep up with the novels, so is running something in the far future from current events/far from anything canon.

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