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One year ago a cosmic event changed the lives of many people, granting them powers beyond that of a mortal man. Now they are finding out exactly what they can do, and shaping the world as they do. But what darkness looms in the future?A year ago was when everything changed. Ok, not everything, up is still up, and down is still down. People? They are most certainly not the same. Horrific and beautiful, deadly and serene, these now mean so much more. It was a year ago when the sun burned brighter than ever before, and burned a shade of deepest blue. This is the only event we can trace these… these manifestations back to, and only really as we still have no idea what it was that caused it. From just weeks after the event, right up to today, we have seen mere humans become something more. The power of a sun in the palm of their hands, the power of dominating one’s mind, strength to uproot mountains from their rest…and these are just examples of the people we have seen. Who has managed to avoid our gaze, who has managed to cling to the shadows. These are the people who frighten me. These are the people who keep me up at night, every night. These are the people who will end the world. May God have mercy on our souls.

- From the notes of Joseph Tennant, ex-Director of G.R.I.D.

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