Traveller: Echoes of Intrigue

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 15 '09
  • Last Post Mar 24 '09 at 2:20am
  • Status Complete
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Echoes of Intrigue, a GURPS: Traveller campaign using GURPS 4th edition rules
Anticipated start date: February 16, 2009.

Campaign setting: Post Fifth Frontier War; Spinward Marches Sector
Player character homeworld (actual or adopted): Sacnoth (Spinward Marches 1325)
Campaign Base TL = GURPS TL 10
Allowable character TL = TL12 or lower.

Knowledge of the GURPS system (4th edition rules) and of the Traveller setting are vital for prospective players. Good Traveller setting infomation can be found online. In particular, the "Canon" and "Library" sections may be useful.

Campaign basis: Combination mercantile and political / corporate intrigue, with possible paramilitary involvement. All characters work for a secret division of Ling-Standard Products, and pose as more-or-less typical merchant ship operators trying to make a living while at, and en route to mission sites.

Homeworld notes: Sacnoth is a TL10 world. It is a member of the Border Worlds Confederation, the only one of which has so far been granted home rule by the Imperium. The Border Worlds are situated in the Spinward Marches between the Imperium and one of its rivals, the Sword Worlds Confederation. Although the war is over, Echoes of Intrigue still are being felt throughout the region. While the Imperium and Sword Worlds have the highest stake in events on the Border Worlds, Sacnoth does come under a variety of other influences... some more subtle than others.

Character basis: The characters will have been hired by a subsidiary of the megacorp Ling-Standard Products on Sacnoth (Border Worlds Confederation, Spinward Marches 1325). They must be believed to be loyal to the company as well as be willing to resort to less-than-legal methods when required. Each character will hold a crew position aboard a small merchant ship, as well as be an integral part of a team (comprised of his or her shipmates) designed to further the company's goals... wherever that may lead them.

I am seeking somewhere around six players. If you may be interested, please simply note that here so I may be aware of your interest. If you would like to be considered for a spot in the game please post your character name, idea, a note regarding which position(s) the character would fill aboard the ship, and how the character will be useful when working in various settings planetside (which is where much of the action will take place). A complete character background story will be required of all players once selected... but there is no need to go through that amount of detail unless you are going to play. The specific ship class that we will use will depend on the number of characters.

Portions of the character background story may be hidden with the PRIVATE tag if you wish, but please use that only for things which you truly would not share with the other characters even after prolonged companionship.

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