Kingdom Hearts: Colliding Forces

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 18 '09
  • Last Post May 2 '09 at 9:40pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

You've all seen the secret ending from KH 2, or the trailers to birth by sleep. Have you ever wondered where all those keyblades came from? Here's your chance to tell the story of one of those keyblades, and the master who wielded it. Were you seduced by the dark, were you a strong warrior for the light? Make a character, tell a story.I'm running this game on another RP site, and figured it would be worth a shot here.

Armies are growing,

Maleficent has not been idle since her loss of the heartless in the Castle of the World that Never was. Her heartless army grows in number and in strength. Her generals have shifted from the most villainous villains the worlds have ever known to those with strength of heart, but lack of will. A group of 13 renegade keybladers. These are the elite of Maleficent's generals, hand-picked and forced to betray another keyblader. This is the test, to capture the heart of a keyblader. This gives them a powerful heartless that is subservient to them. They sow discord, they try and capture the hearts of strong hearted people to feed the army that maleficent grows to conquer the light once more.

For every keyblader who was taken in this way, a nobody was created. Thus Organization 13 has been reformed. These nobodies have their own agenda, and due to the reemergence of the heartless, their numbers also grow. All they need do is bide their time and wait for the appropiate time to spread the nothingness.

Micky is forced to respond in kind, but not just Mickey, the light itself is handpicking individuals from any world, and arming them to unlock the worlds and hearts. Are you one of them?

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