Ars Magica - Dance of Seasons

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Game Information
  • Created Feb 23 '09
  • Last Post Aug 23 '09 at 10:21pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Ars Magica

Game Description

The year is 1220. Claiming the Prize

Each of you are met by your masters after you have completed the gauntlet, "well done my student" they say to you with a rare smile. "As a parting gift i have a bit of info for you that may come in handy." Your master looks around "But not here come, follow me for one last time." He leads you off to a private room where food and drink are waiting.

He pulls off a leg of lamb and pours both you a glass of chilled wine. "There will be a meeting of elders in this next week to decide the fate of a old winter covenant, the last member has not been seen or heard from in 50 years and so they will deem this place dead. I and a few others have found out the location and decided to give it to our newly raised students. You can do with the info as you wish, you can go to plunder the place or start a new spring Covenant with these others that will you meet there. I leave it up to you what you do. I bid you farewell and good luck." He passes you a slip of paper and walks out the door.

Julianus Magnus, last magus of the Covenant "Concilium Sylvestris" has gone into Final Twilight and passed beyond the world ... so the Covenant has fallen and its resources are now free to be claimed. You can locate and stake claim to the lost Vis sources and site with the others that have been given this info. There is also a map to the town outside the covenant sphere of control. You cannot enter the site until the final judgement is made, when you hear the ringing of three bells from the town's tower you may enter

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