The Return of an Heir

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A basic (SRD, PHB, DMG) goblinoid game set in a time after the reemergence of humanity to a land that they had vanished from some time ago. The small bands of goblins throughout the land are being attacked by humans and must discover a way to survive.The sun was setting on the spiraling plumes of smoke that where seen emanating from the remains of the ruins of your former home, your home for so many years. Just a few hundred feet away, you and several of your kind crouch and skulk through the shadows of the underbrush. Driven from your home by a band of marauding humans, who have come to reclaim the lands for a wealthy noble who inherited the rights to it's ruin, you find yourself peering at several other sets of red glowing Goblinoid eyes...

What will happen now? Is this Genocide for you and your fellow Goblins?

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