Darovia - the Darkness Falls

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Darovia - The Darkness Falls

Darovia, a land that had seen piece for so many years, has suddenly become awaken with chaos. Goblins that where thought to have been gone forever, climbed from the Black Chasm and began to ravage the lands once again. The monolith, an old stone which sat silent for hundreds of years, began to emit the most silent of sounds, that would cause animals near it to become ravenous. And the silent temple that the Deadwood surrounded, was silent no more. With the building of violence as the days pass, it all seams to be leading up to something, but what?

OOC Info

This is a homebrew setting that I have developed. This game will be very player centric, the players actions will play very largely on the happenings in the world around them, be it for better or worse. This is the 3.5 Ed Ruleset, and we will only be using the three core rulebooks, PHB, MM and DMG. Characters start at first level, any race in the PHB other than Half-orc is allowed, as well as any class in the PHB. I will not be going into prestige classes, or any material outside of those three books, so do not ask for them.

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