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The City of Calendra, in Northern Michigan, is your typical small town. It's got a couple of stores, a beach, a school and about four thousand people living in a pretty isolated part of the country. The I-75 goes south from Sault Ste. Marie to the Mackinaw bridge and that's no where near the direction you live in. A lot of people who live in Calendra like it that way, let all those crazy folk drive themselves insane. You know how to live, and with the large amount of people who spend their summers camping here would make you believe that there are others that share this view point.

Unfortunately, something sinister is about to happen to Calendra. Something that no one in town, from the mayor to the sherriff to the high school gym teacher could expect. Will anyone survive the on-coming horror?


We're going to be playing a Zombie Survival Horror game using Eden Studios' All Flesh Must be Eaten. We're going to be playing normals who are going to be trying to survive a crazy zombie outbreak in their little home town. If you don't know the rules that's fine, I'm more into doing this through the narrative method rather than dealing with a lot of dice rolling so knowing the rules isn't a requirement.

What I do want for an application though is the following.

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