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The creaky old boat approaches port of a large town at noon. The air is cold and damp from the rain on the way over here across the sea. Smoke rises from the stacks of the factories that plague the land. Men and women squalar in the streets, covered in mud carrying baskets and carts to various locations. Guards stand down the length of the port, and stand at various street corners of the city.

A city of new opportunity the Reds, people of the grand nation that destroyed your life as you knew it, called the place. Your family, friends, and home all gone now. The lands you came from are merely a collection of craters now. The Great Power it is referred to by the Reds. The Grand Massecre it is refered to by the people of Glyan; your people.

The Great Power
An enormous amount of destructive magic summoned at any general geological location. It leaves a large crater in the ground, and plagues the field with a plague. Nothing grows for miles, and leaves the land baron. All of your nation's town, and cities were hit. Only a small percentage of you still remain.

The Reds. The nation you have been at war with for the past century finally halted the situation with mass genocide. They claim to take in the people of Glyan with open arms, and claim peace. The people of Nylorn seem to wish only to make you slaves working for little to no money. Or so you have heard by the ridicule of guards the entire way down here.

You step on port, are processed, and then cast out into the city with your papers claiming who you are, and most importantly where you are from. Many people greet you with claims of job opportunities. Some of those that get off sign to join the military to fight against waring Orc clans. Fighting for the nation that destroyed theirs; what a disgrace, but it got you meals.

A skrony gnome dressed in ragged clothing, face riddled with piercing, head bald, stands in front of you looking you over. He smiles. Gold and silver fill his mouth.

"You will do nicely" he says in a high scraggly voice. "Come with me, and hear a proposition."

Having nothing better to do you follow. He leads you down several ally ways. You wonder if you are to be robbed. You don't believe he would put up much of a fight, so you do not worry. A sewer hatch is opened, and you are led into a well furnished, and apparently cut off section of the sewer way. Torches and candles light the room. Many figures other stands with you now. They vary in race, but seem to be similar to you. Well traveled and warn out. A enormous half-orc, with an equally large sword walks into the room. Following behind him is a rather old, but still strong looking human dressed in leather, and chain mail walks into the room. He strokes his beard, and looks the group over. He pulls a long sword from his back. "Who of you wants revenge?" He says in a soft, but powerful and persuasive voice. He thrusts the sword forward in the air, and steps closer to the crowd. "Who of you wishes to take up arms, and get back at those that took your life from you?!" He speaks firmly with much power. "You may leave now and live the pathetic time they call life up in that city, or you can stay with me, and fight. But know now if you leave, you are not a traitor of our cause until you stand against us. The Sewer Rats of Cryer are friends to all who are Glyan only if they do not oppose us. Do that though, and you are not Glyan at all, but our enemy."

He steps over to a furnace in the corner, and pulls out a branding iron. "Whoever wants to fight for what is left of the Glyan people, step forward and receive the burning embrace of your brothers."

Noone leaves.

This will be, hopefully, a very high role play campaign.

Characters will start out at first level, work up through the ranks of the Sewer Rat gang, and try to do good for their nation's people. There will be little to possibly no dungeon crawling. I'm trying to develop the city of Cryer best I can, but much of what we do will probably be improvisation on my part. I don't know how this will go, but I would like to work with what ideas I have. There will be diplomatic obstacles to get around, so take this in mind when forming a party.

Please submit all character apps here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=61682

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